The Survival Gift

As Biden moves to push his gun reform agenda, flown under the flag of Ghost Guns, we are finally seeing some backbone to from the GOP led by Senators Cruz, Lankford, Braun, and Lee.

So many might say, “What’s the problem with Biden’s gun reform?” Ghost guns are bad.

And this might be true. The idea that anyone can made a gun from a kit that has no social security number flies in the face of the laws surrounding gun purchases we already have on the books.

The real challenge with the Presidents latest moves are that they have places expansion of the registry in the fine print of the text.

Like anything else in DC, the headline of a reform never includes the real subject matter of the bill. They would never get it to Congress in the first place if the Tagline reflected the truth of the bill. So here is what these 4 Senators are proposing and I think that some other GOP members will have to jump on board for this to really make an impact: