The Survival Gift

The Biden Administration refused to regulate the borders and instead lets drugs pour through into our country, and it is having a devastating impact on not only our border states, but the entire country.



Fentanyl is pouring in through the borders and it is coming in all shapes , sizes, and forms.

Pills, Candy, Gummies, and even getting put into toy boxes.

While there are drug testing kits that we, as parents can get, there is no form that this drug cannot fit into and it is so toxic and powerful that a death from OD is easily a possibility.

For that reason alone, our family has bought candy to give our kids after they come home with their candy they got around the neighborhood.

This makes me sad, but it is a necessary plan.

It Only Takes ONE to poison the lot.

IN this case it is kids, and any kid that is given a toxic fentanyl sucker or candy chew will one too many, so we are asking parents to step up and protect your kids.

I saw don’t take the chance, swap all candy your kids get and inform them that they cannot ingest any candy they get while out on the streets.

There has been too much bad shit happening these few years and with the Pandemic in the rear view this is the next media wave.

Don’t let it be that



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