The Survival Gift

After a string of shootings across America, President Biden sprung into action, like clockwork, to use the horrific events to push the Democrat Agenda to infringe on the 2nd Amendment.

This time around they are starting from a weaker platform than ever before, going after a small niche of firearms, the “Ghost Guns”.

A string of speeches, a bunch of gaffes and stupid comments, and signing an executive order that will be challenged and fail.

But Americans who value the 2nd Amendment have to stay diligent. The left will always came for our guns. This has been a battle cry for decades and Joe Biden is using it more so as an attempt to distract and rebound his polling numbers where he has even managed to lose his own party.

Here are some recaps of the week: Joe Biden says that when the 2nd amendment was ratified, you couldn’t buy a cannon. This is simply not true and it’s more likely that cannons were more common back then than they are now…