The Survival Gift

Unless you live under a rock, you are already fully aware that there is a financial crisis coming to America.

The President has botched so many decisions since he has taken office that the American People and other nations in the world, and world leaders are losing confidence in anything that Biden is doing.

From the Afghan Evacuation, all the way to the mismanagement of the Russia and Ukraine war in which the US is funneling billions of dollars to fight a war by proxy using Ukraine as the front line pawns.

In recent days we have seen an attack on the Russian oil pipeline that the US Secretary Of State initially called a self-sabotage and blamed the Russians for taking out their oil delivery mechanism of their most significant cash revenues, which makes absolutely no sense.

Fast forward only 5 days and Secretary Blinken is now calling it an opportunity of a lifetime to move away from Russian Oil.

The big picture here is that the real goal of this administration is to drive our fossil fuels at any cost.

Even though more and more Americans agree that electric might be the valid candidate for powering the next generations, what this administration is missing, in their blind charge to create a legacy for themselves and pocket a bunch of change as they set up the mechanisms to give them a cut of the action (You KNOW Gore is already running his carbon exchange that we all forgot about right?)

Our President and his team are ready to spike the football on eliminating coal and oil before they even have a valid and sustainable replacement.

SO from all of the ism we will see a collapse in our energy grid and in our transportation, not to mention the entire economy.

If the United States is willing to attack Russia’s Oil Pipeline and cut Europe off from Russian oil, just to drive the agenda of the Great Reset, then they are willing to collapse everything to make sure we come out the other side completely dependent on this poor substitute.

Think that haven’t done it before?

Oh They Have. Just in a much smaller measure.

The CFL Lightbulb that was a mandatory replacement for all incandescent bulbs in the mid 2000’s.

You remember the curly cue tail looking bulbs that lit like shit and looked like crap. They were toxic, less efficient that incandescent bulbs, and proved to be less efficient.

Yet the government pushed forward with these bulbs, no matter the fall out.

This same approach is coming with regard to power sources and fuel to power our world and these folks in charge don’t care who they hurt in the process.

With the new economic package that has passed to start the creation of the new power charging station grid, we are going to see it crash and burn.

The people that are in charge of this are woefully ill equipped for the task that they are taking on and the nation of going to pay the price.

So read this article as an ALARM that is going off that Now Is The Time To Be Prepared!

Prepared for what?

You have to think about how you will survive without power.

How will you feed your family without energy to cook?

How will you heat your home without power provide heat and light?

Today, since we mentioned the electric car charging station power grid, lets look at houw you will be able to get around with no gas or diesel for your car AND no electric to charge an electric car, GOD forbid you actually got one.

For the purpose of this article I am taking the position that the electric cars are not an option and we need to plan for transportation that will help us navigate the conditions of a collapsed power grid and along with that a panicked society.

Here is what you need to be prepared:

1)  A Bicycle

This seems very basic, but it is powered by the greatest engine in history, YOU.

But it is more than just having a bike. You need to have a few bikes that are like. Bikes that parts can be swapped out from. You need to have the tools to make the necessary repairs and the parts as well.

You need to have bikes for your family members and your survival community.

Manual air pumps for tires. New tires and tubes, chains, oil, brakes, cables.

These are the basics to maintaining a bike that will take you though the great grid down power disruption.

2)  A Gas Powered Scooter

Depending on the time that we expect the disruption of power to continue, this is a solid resource to have.

Just like the bike above, you also will want to make sure you have the supplies to ensure the mini bike will start up when you need it to.

An ample supply of fuel for the bike PLUS a stabilizer to make sure the gas stays good for when it is needed.

The majority of smaller scooters run on 2 stoke engines, they are bullet proof, and they are loud.

Making a modification that helps quite the motor a bid will help draw less attention to you and lesses the risk of someone stealing your mini bike

3)  Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are much better and more efficient than the bullshit electric cars that are being pushed onto us and that will end up causing the greatest power crisis in American History.

Taking the time to build up a small fleet of electric scooter is a smart plan.

But it doesn’t end there.

You also need to have the ability to keep them charged on a central power system.

Here is where you are going to want to plan ahead with a solar generator that will be able to charge 4 to 6 scooters at a single time.

This will ensure that you will always have a way to get around town and pick up the resources that you need

Most of the other ideas that I have seen so far are complete bullshit. SO I ask you to let me know, what you think you would do to be fully prepared to get around your town once the SHTF.


Brian Rucker