The Survival Gift

Here is the cold hard truth…

The Biden Administration, and all of their minions in the EPA and the Department Of Energy, have completely and utterly fucked over America.

I apologize for my language, but this is a massively frustrating matter, and is an issue that is going to end up costing lives in our motherland.

Joe Biden and his team of Green Energy pushing lackies have been laying out these plans to restrict oil refinement in America, this driving up costs of fuel and breaking average American work pocketbooks, all while begging OPEC and other Arab nations to boos their supply to …

And get this…

“Help America Get Off Oil.”

That’s like asking your drug dealer to loan you the money needed to get into REHAB.

Obviously, OPEC told Biden to take the high hard one up his ass and moved to teaming up with Putin.

Yeah… that worked out well.

America is now starting to appear to be a self entitled, non-influential, western, has been.

And it all happened in under 2 years folks!


Even Liberal Media like CNN is reporting on this

You can get their spin here: