The Survival Gift

Plus What’s The Difference Between The Two?

Stun guns and tasers are very popular and a great way to defend yourself and your family if you ever find yourself in a compromised situation and a firearm might not be the best choice due to proximity.

Example, my family goes camping a lot and we love taking out the camper trailer. We go to a lot of spots that are new to us as part of the adventure and my wife and I believe we need to have protection should we experience an intruder.

But a camper is tight quarters and the walls are super thin, so we chose to keep stun guns strategically placed around the camper. There is always one within reach of the adults and the kids know what they are, they know not to touch them, and they don’t know where they are in the camper.

A lot of times there is some confusion between what the difference is between a taser and a stun gun.

A stun gun operates is a convenient hand device that has prongs on at the end of the device that sends a powerful electric shock into the assailant and not only hurts like a son of a gun, it stuns their body’s response and renders them useless and able to be detained.


  • Stun guns can be used in all weather conditions

    • Unlike pepper spray that can blow back in your face

  • Are preventative as well as defensive.

    • When an assailant sees the stun gun in your hand it can be as effective of a deterrent as an actual firearm

  • Additional Self Defense features are usually included

    • Most stun guns do more than just send electrical shocks for self defense. Bright and pulsating flashlights, warning and panic sirens, and even serrated edges called “sharks teeth” are available on stun guns

  • Works through clothing

    • When compared to other self defense options, stun guns give the benefit of a gun by being able to pierce clothing and deliver a stunning shock to stop the assailant without the lethality of a gun.

  • Technological Advances have made stun guns smaller, more powerful, safer, and easier to use


  • Require you to be close to your attacker for best contact

  • Need to be charged at least monthly

  • Not legal in all 50 states

A Taser operates more like a gun where is shoots out metal prongs that pierce the skin of an assailant and then delivers an electric shock to the assailants nervous system rendering them motionless and not able to control their body for a period of time, so they can be subdued and restrained.


  • Tasers will subdue attackers without the high potential of killing them

  • Tasers have been proven to be safer and only cause low level injuries

  • ATF does not classify a taser as a firearm – making them easier to get

  • Tasers can stun a subject from about 10.6 meters away, keeping you farther out of harm’s way


  • Some people do die when shocked with a taser, however the number is much less than those who die from a firearm in a similar confrontation

  • Does require some training to successfully and safely use one

  • Can be strange firing one for the first time

  • Each cartridge is good for 1-2 discharges and then needs to be replaced – this comes with a cost

  • Not legal in all 50 states

So with that out of the way…

List Provided By Pew Pew Tactical

Let’s Get To The 7 Best Stun Guns And Tasers

  1. Tiger USA Xtreme Sanctuary

    1. This is our favorite full-size form factor stun gun on the market today

    2. Quick Stats

      1. 150 Million Volts

      2. 200 LUMEN Flashlight

      3. 150 db alarm

      4. Side shock plates

      5. 6”x2”x0.8”

  2. Streetwise Lifeguard

    1. This is our favorite pick for compact stun gun

    2. Quick Stats

      1. 16.5 Million Volts

      2. Built in flashlight

      3. 4.25” x 1.6” x 1”

      4. 7 oz

  3. Taser Pulse

    1. Our top pick for a civilian taser is the Taser Pulse

    2. Some Quick Stats

      1. Holds and pints like a firearm, but gives you a less lethal option

      2. 50,000 Volts

      3. Flashlight

      4. Red Aiming Laser

      5. Range: 15 feet

      6. 1.25” x 5.25” x 4.75”

      7. Weights 8 oz

  4. Police Force Stun Flashlight

    1. If you are looking for something more EDC, and more useful on a daily basis then this one is the right fit for you

    2. Some Quick Stats

      1. 9.2 Million Volts

      2. Triple Stun Prong

      3. 6.5” long

      4. Weighs 8 oz

  5. Streetwise Sting Ring

    1. Looking for something that is a bit more covert and out of plane sight? Thai is kind of like a brass knuckle with a lot more sting in the ring

    2. Some Stats

      1. 18 Million Volts

      2. Squeeze to stun

      3. 3” x 2.3” x 1”

      4. Weighs 5 oz

  6. Vipertech VTS-989

    1. This is one of the most widely recommended stun guns on the market and was our previous favorite

    2. Some Quick Stats

      1. 300 Million Volts making it the strongest stun gun on this list

      2. Electrodes are sharp to pierce through layers of clothing

      3. Safety switch that must be flipped before it can be used

      4. Loud crackling sound is a major deterrent for any assailant

      5. Stun strips down the side of it – preventing anyone from grabbing to take away from you

  7. Vipertech VTS-880

    1. Everything the VTS 989 has but in a smaller package

    2. Well, there you have it, the BEST 7 Stun Guns and tasers on the market as according to Pew Pew Tactical.
      Let us know what you think and if we missed anything.